FreeSWITCH integrations & consulting
For many years Data And Signal has been contributing to FreeSWITCH project and cooperating with FreeSWITCH Solutions delivering new features to the soft switch. We specialise in signal processing and shipped several modules integrated into FreeSWITCH platforms of our clients.

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Signal processing
Data And Signal provides signal processing services. We created libmusic C library for superresolution frequency detection capable of detecting frequencies in blocks of length as short as 8 samples. We used that in DTMF remover product which allowed our client to get rid of DTMF fractions left in audio after some initial processing.

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CCTV Monitoring Systems
Data And Signal designs, creates and installs CCTV systems and other setups involving video streaming.

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Hardware setup and configuration
Please contact us for advice and onsite setup and configuration of the hardware and software.

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Please contact us if you have any questions. Call us on 1444 415 862 or send us an email.

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