VCC Live
We have been working with Data And Signal in 2018 on adding of DSP solutions to our platform and recommend them as a reliable Partner. DAS provided us with innovative solutions, precise estimations and fulfillment as planned.

Tamás Jalsovszky, VCC Live CTO
Cut Above
We are very pleased with quality of services delivered by Data And Signal and will be happy to work with them in the future.

Maggie Harrington, Manager at Cut Above
FreeSWITCH Solutions
Data And Signal added signal processing and media processing expertise to our products. We recommend them as a provider of solid engineering services and as a reliable Partner in the business.

Anthony Minessale, FreeSWITCH Solutions CTO


The expertise of Data And Signal in DSP and VOIP environments allowed us to add flexibility to our service offerings, including building more tolerance into the round trip delay characteristics of the analogue BS8521 protocol.

This is an important development because RTD issues will be an increasing trend in Telecare due to the changing UK Telecoms landscape. Data And Signal’s work provided us with a dynamically loadable module to handle alarm calls, as well as with a complete server setup to process further incoming alarm messages.

This means we are now better able to provide reliable solutions for handling all of the low level signalling and data exchange including subtle differences between versions of devices. Thanks to their knowledge of WebRTC technology we are now also able to make audio/video calls between doorbells, browser and SIP endpoints.

Tim Barclay (CEO) and Carl Atkey (CTO), Appello UK

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